We have finally reached the Quarter Final stage of the FA Futsal Cup and the following tasty fixtures will take place on the 28/05/2017:

  1. Baku v Bristol
  2. Durham v Manchester
  3. IFA v Genesis
  4. Sussex v Oxford City Lions


  1. Baku v Bristol

This is a game that probably suits Baku. Why? Because Bristol also try to play Futsal. The teams that complicate Baku are those that are extremely physical and unorthodox. Bristol are neither despite being a fit team.

Tobias Seeto and Diego Pagliuso (and possibly Diogo Silva) will not feature for Baku this weekend and this will certainly favour Bristol. As a result, expect BIG minutes for Rob Ursell, Jarrod Basger and Marcelo Graca.

(Baku Player Coach, Rob Ursell – above)

Bristol will have to explore the lack of depth in Baku’s side by utilizing the fitness and energy of players like Samuel Hynam and Aaron Coleman while hoping Gary Bell can try to control the game for BCFC when they have possession. 2 good defenders are missing from Baku and so 1 on 1 situations would be worth exploring with Gary on the right side. Furthermore, it may be wise for Bristol to opt for a full-court press but if they opt to defend deeper they must press near the half-way line or else they will get cut open as Baku love to have the ball and are probably the best team in England with it.

TDF Verdict: Baku will obviously miss Seeto and Pagliuso but this is just the type of game that Rob Ursell and Jarrod Basger should thrive in. Win for Baku but a tighter game than the scoreline suggests!

TDF Players to Watch – Rob Ursell (Baku), Gary Bell (Bristol)

Expected Result: Baku 6 – 3 Bristol


  1. Durham v Manchester

Manchester is in theory the much better side. They are an extremely well run club, and widely regarded as the best in the country as far as the administrative side of the game goes. For this reason, they are unlikely to be missing players for this away fixture.

Much to their delight, they possess a well-trained, balanced squad which features experienced players Marcus Leon, Carlos Amores, Ilya Ovechkin and Raducio King who are all very comfortable in possession and proficient at thinking tactically and lead the way for the younger players. This experience will be massive against a more inexperienced Durham side in comparison.

Danny Stapleton looked dangerous in set-pieces against Baku in both rounds in the League Play-Offs and will look to exploit his strengths in the same situations again against Durham.

The test will be to play a Durham side which is relatively counter-attacking on a small court. Durham possess good decision makers on the counter-attacks and good finishers as witnessed by their last match against the London Warriors.

TDF Verdict: Should be a straightforward game for Manchester but a small court versus a counter-attacking team may complicate things. Manchester should have too much firepower though.

TDF Players to Watch – Adam Byron (Durham), Marcos Leon (Manchester)

Expected Result: Durham 2 – 4 Manchester


  1. IFA v Genesis

Admittedly, TDF have predicted that the IFA would lose their last 2 FA Cup matches against University of Nottingham and Kickers Futsal Club and yet, continue to prove us wrong. This weekend they are tasked with the monumental test of defeating one of the in-form teams of the country in Genesis.

2 very fit teams with IFA being the more organised (robotic at times, like Loughborough also) and with Genesis being a lot more fluid and playing off the cuff. IFA are full of very young players and this is exactly the type of team that the veteran goal-scorer Bruno Vitorino thrives in!

(Some of the IFA boys, above)

The contrasting styles promises to be an exciting match-up for the neutrals but expect Genesis to dominate possession.

TDF Verdict: Both teams are fit and explosive but Genesis should control the ball possession and with a full squad expected they should create enough opportunities to win as per usual this season.

TDF Players to Watch – Kyle Lilley (IFA), Bruno Vitorino (Genesis)

Expected Result: IFA 3 – 8 Genesis


  1. Sussex v Oxford City Lions

Flavour of the month, Sussex is looking to vindicate their rejection of their Super League status by winning the FA Cup. They are certainly one to be taken seriously having defeated Helvecia who had a 100% winning record in all competition before the 2 faced off.

Sussex will be buoyed by playing at home and relying on the excellent form of both Carlos Visiedo de Amo and the goal-scoring exploits of English youngster, Sam Crutwell (who scored 4 versus Helvecia). This game, however, will certainly not be easy and will depend on who Oxford bring down!

(Pep, of Oxford City Lions – above)

Will Oxford bring down Jose ‘Pep’ Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Sion Kitson and ex-England International George Nash? The 3 have not played many matches at all for the club this season but as 2 were present in their last tight encounter with ProFutsal London, it seems they may take the full-squad down.

A head to head of Carlos of Sussex versus Pep of Oxford should provide some excellent entertainment as both have similar styles but are of very high quality.

TDF Verdict: Sussex shocked the English Futsal community last week by defeating Helvecia but success this time around will also depend on whether stars Pep Rodriguez and Sion Kitson will travel down to Sussex. If they do, expect a tough game that could go either way but TDF believe home advantage will win it. If that doesn’t happen, expect Sam Crutwell to tear through Oxford as he did in the last outing versus Helvecia.

TDF Players to Watch – Sam Crutwell (Sussex), Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez ‘Pep’ (Oxford)

Expected Result: Sussex 6 – 3 Oxford


Who will emerge victorious from the remaining 8?

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